Birth of The Boy

So here we are….

Just got back from the hospital and my son was born….I’d tell you his name and all (cause I am very proud and happy) but unfortunately, there’s some wackos out there…..I can tell you though, that he was 7 pounds and 12 ounces….He was 20 1/2 inches long too….

Dudes, labor is no joke…….I got light-headed and nauseous about 15-20 minutes into the labor….Had to sit down for about 5-6 minutes and they gave me Pepsi and OJ……oops….he he he he….They told me to stay sitting down but to hell with that….I got right back up and helped finish it all off….Lasted a grand total of about 50 minutes, the hardcore part did…

They broke her (wifey) water at around 7:30am and then he was actually born at a quarter to 7 that night….

He has a bilateral cleft lip AND palate ……He’s a beautiful baby though…His first lip surgery can be at around 3 months….The actual palate being closed will probably not begin the repair process until 11 months, at least….

So there you have it….Lots of info without giving up too much info….He’s great and he’s a future biker (like his daddy), a future blogger (like his daddy once again!) and a future President (come on now I’m still working on it!!!)….
posted Mon, 08-30-04


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