I just watched Twisted with Ashley Judd, Samuel Jackson, and Andy Garcia….
Rotten Tomatoes didn’t like it much. It’s pretty bad when out of 124 reviews, 122 are bad….Some of the bad ones included statements like
“The direction is so ham-fisted you almost expect Porky the Pig to have a cameo.”

“You’ve seen better mysteries on Murder She Wrote, you’ll hear better dialogue in an Ed Wood flick, and you’ll experience better sex scenes on a hot day at your local zoo.”

“The only positive thing I can say about it, is that it will hopefully not be seen by too many people and that thus it will not hurt the career of those involved too much.”

“The downright wackiest, most laughable thriller to come down the pike so far this millennium.”
Oooooooohhhh, that’s gotttaaa huuurrrtttt….

Hmmmm….Where to start, where to start…The dialogue….AWFUL….The story….definitely a decent premise but not delivered well AT ALL….Some really good actors that just got lazy maybe? Or maybe the director Phillip Kaufman just didn’t elicit the right acting responses…

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley….Why are you dressed up like a lesbian who’s not REALLY a lesbian but is really into violent sex with guys who end up dead? By far, the WORST I’ve ever seen Ashley look…And to think that I once loved her….And what’s up with Russell Wong? That guy had the WORST lines I’ve heard in quite some time…

I would easily say that this movie was something that belonged on the Lifetime channel or even a Hallmark after school special….Completely terrible in every aspect….It got so bad that my wife and I were creating OUR OWN dialogue and laughing at spots that I think were meant to be dead serious….

Sheesh, don’t rent it….Don’t buy it….If you absolutely MUST see this movie, find another way…Borrow your poor sap of a friend’s copy….His goofy ass bought it, don’t make the same mistake….Just borrow his copy….
posted Fri, 09-24-04


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