This review will probably get me some hatemail but the movie director probably got some himself…

Last night I watched “Saved” with my wife again….I had thought it looked pretty funny after watching the trailer….It was….It was absolutely hilarious….What made it even funnier was that I was raised in the Assembly of God church and saw several instances of speaking in tongues, laying on of hands, and of course the sometimes creepy bubbliness of evangelical Christians…Like nothing could ever wipe the smile off their face….That made this movie funnier to me…

The character that Mandy Moore plays in the movie, Hillary Faye, is an amalgamation of so many people I’ve known, people who are so full of themselves being in God’s service that the line between being full of themselves and being full of the Holy Spirit is blurred…

Basically the movie is a view of the religious world in a questioning manner….Yes, Kevin Smith did it in Dogma and there’s been several more out there (but none in my recent memory anyway) with the Catholic faith….

Jena Malone’s character, Mary, is a girl who is, at the beginning of the movie, a member of “The Christian Jewels”. The Jewels are a little “club” organized by Hillary Faye as a righteous group of girls who are virtuous and popular in their Christian school….Mary comes to find that her boyfriend is not quite a perfect boyfriend in the fact that he is grappling with his sexual orientation…Well problems with sexual orientation are not tolerated at this Christian school and he is sent away to be “cured” of his perversions….Before he is sent away, however, Mary attempts to help out by engaging in “the act” with him and in the process becomes pregnant….Due to her “sin”, Mary is expatriated from The Jewels…

The movie also has Macaulay Culkin in it as the wheelchair-bound brother of Hillary Faye….(He’s great too, by the way)…I recommend this movie to anyone looking for a laugh that, although poking fun at a religious subject, does so in a respectful manner and doesn’t actually make fun of religion itself, only those that practice “Extreme Religion”…

posted Tue, 10-12-04


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