The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

I first read this book back in early 2003 (I got it as a Christmas gift at the end of 2002) and although I loved the concept I wasn’t thrilled with the ending…

Lovely Bones is the story of Susie Salmon, a fourteen-year-old girl who, in the first chapter of the book, is raped and murdered by a Mr George Harvey from the neighborhood…The remainder of the book is spent with Susie looking down from Heaven on her family and friends, who are dealing with her loss….Susie keeps an eye on Ray Singh, her crush from school and forms a unique bond with Ruth Connors, a girl who she barely spoke to in school but speaks volumes in the afterlife….She watches her parents’ marriage dissolve and watches her sister and brother grow up in the shadow of her tragic murder….

Like I said, very interesting concept and the book tugs at your “heart strings” in several spots but overall, a dissappointing end with no sense of justice carried out….Worth a read though, give it a shot…


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