Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Ok now…..You know if you’ve been reading my previous posts about horror movies that I am a total sucker for zombie movies…Shaun of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead, etc, etc….Well, I saw this movie in the theatre when it first came out…..Opening weekend, Friday night I was there with the wife and another buddy and his wife…..Sunday afternoon came and my brother-in-law wanted someone to go with him so I, of course, volunteered wholeheartedly….So, you can do the math….Well, if it’s late then maybe not….I saw this TWICE in the theatre….That says alot because I don’t EVER see movies repeatedly in the theatre with all the crazy ticket prices now and all….Come on!!!!

Ok, anyway….Great movie, great cast, and the unrated version had only a couple things that I recognized outright as being “add-ins”….The extra footage is not quite as terrifying as advertised but there are a few extra zombie gore shots….

This movie is not so much as remake as it is a revision of the original….The only thing that it really has in common blatantly is the concept of holing up at the mall when the zombies start to hit….There are more characters in this one (only 4 in the original) and definitely a lot more gore….I loved the first movie, don’t get me wrong….It would be sacrilege to knock on the master himself, George Romero…..My Romero asskissing aside, this new one was great to watch as well….Zack Snyder is, obviously, a fan of the zombie genre and he may possibly be up there with the greats (Romero, and Fulci) if this is a “preview” of future work….I just hope that although he doesn’t pigeonhole himself into the zombie movies, that he gives another zombie movie a shot….He treated this one great! My lowly opinion as a crazed fan though doesn’t necessarily make it so….Anyway, worth a rental or even a purchase for sure…..Not for the kiddies though, especially the unrated version….LOTS of gratuitous gore and violence….(Just the kind of movie I like, he he he)


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