If you’ve been looking here at this blog for the last couple of days, you’ll notice that I’ve mentioned my son’s upcoming surgery to repair his bilateral cleft lip in a couple of posts (here and here, to be exact)

The wifey brought up the fact that he isn’t allowed to eat anything after midnight tonight until after the surgery….We can feed him warm liquids but no formula or anything solid….The bummer about THAT is that he will be howling all night after midnight probably tonight….He’ll be hungry and we won’t be able to do anything except give him apple juice in a syringe….Grrrr…..After the surgery he’s not allowed to cry either….As part of the recovery process, he can’t cry incessantly….A baby crying incessantly? No way!!! Babies don’t do THAT!!!! Telling a baby not to cry is like telling a dog not to chase cars…..*sigh*

I went on a motorcycle ride yesterday thru some beautiful countryside and we stopped for lunch at a nice little restaurant in Fannie Springs called “Homestead Restaurant”….A delicious buffet of fried chicken, fried shrimp, and a vast array of other things that I couldn’t identify so we’ll just refer to them as “casseroles” <—catchall word for a pile of food cooked together, he he he…..

Well, besides the fact that I got glared at by some old woman the whole time (I was in my biker garb so I suppose I might have looked menacing. Although, if you know me, you know that I’m anything but menacing) the meal was great…..I mention the meal because a young blonde boy came in with his parents and grandparents and he was just a beautiful little boy….He looked happy and he looked like he was excited to be eating out…..I keep talking about him because I kept looking at him and he had alot of the same mannerisms I’m already seeing in my son….He shakes his head at random times for seemingly unknown reasons but its so funny to watch….He opens his eyes

when he’s focusing on something…..It got me thinking that my son will look completely different after tomorrow’s surgery….Maybe not COMPLETELY different but his lip that we’ve gotten used to (we were so scared before he was born of what our initial reactions would be to a cleft lip) will not be like that any longer….He is taking his first step onto the road to recovery….

I’m scared for him but excited for him too….He has no idea what is coming but his mother and I do…..We’re both nervous…..Things will turn out fine, he’s in great hands with the plastic surgeon we’ve chosen, but it’s still surgery and he’s not even 3 months old yet…..Plenty to be nervous about but plenty to be excited about as well……

I’ll post pics after to show his lip repair……


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