The Clearing

You know, it’s very seldom that I mention music as a high point of a movie but this time I shall…..The music in The Clearing was absolutely perfect….The timing of each crescendo was impeccable, the etherealistic quality of the music in the background was beautiful….Wow….

Anyway, enough about the music….This isn’t an album review, he he he he….

The Clearing stars Robert Redford and Willem Dafoe as the kidnapped and the kidnapper, respectively….Robert Redford is a rich executive who has spent his life in a position of authority and what comes across as confidence to some is misconstrued as condescension by others…Willem Dafoe plays Arnold Mack (Dafoe is absolutely chilling in his portrayal of a real slimeball, he was making my hairs stand up on the back of my neck with his calm, collected anger). Arnold is a “spurned” employee we find out who believes his job loss and his perpetual melancholy can be laid at the feet of one man, Mr Wayne Hayes (Redford’s character)…One evening, Wayne doesn’t show up for a pre-planned dinner….Although his wife Eileen (Helen Mirren in one of her finest roles yet) is quite angry, that is the extent of her worry….As the movie goes along to show, the marriage has seen better days….She is actually concerned that he has left her due to deeper issues in their marriage….Come the next morning, she finally does get the authorities involved….

The movie leads us along two basic paths….One path is what is going on back in the Hayes household and the other story shows us how Redford and Dafoe are holding up while hiking through the forest….Very interesting story, absolutely amazing performances, and all around an awesome movie….Most definitely worth the rental…..I highly recommend this one!

posted Fri, 11-12-04


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