Children’s Letters To God by Stuart Hample

I headed out to the garage to find a book to read, and I think it’s going to be High Fidelity(for the 5th time reading it, I might add!!! It’s THAT good of a book). While I was out there, I also happened to see “Children’s Letters To God” and thought I’d let you know it’s worth your while…It’s not a “hard” read by any means…It’s maybe only 30 pages, max….Here’s some background…

I bought this book originally when I was in the Navy…..I went thru a pretty deep depression for about a year or so after returning from my first six month cruise in December 1998…On top of the fact that a six-month cruise is a very life-altering event, we (my ship) went to Iraq and also to Kosovo…..The stress level on the ship was unparalleled to anything I’d experienced up to that point…..During times on that cruise, I saw grown men cry….I saw alot of things that I don’t enjoy speaking of, alot of things were done that I’m not proud of….Alot of things that hurt me, in ways that a non-veteran just can’t grasp….Basically, this book reminded me of the good in people….It helped to “center” me again after making it back to “the world”…Enough of that crap, right? You’re here to read what I thought about this book!!!!!

Children’s Letters to God is exactly what it sounds like….A compilation of letters written by children to The Man Upstairs….Some examples (spelling and punctuation not corrected);

“Dear God, I’m doing the best I can.” Frank
Dear God, I would like to know why all the things you said are in red?” Joanne
“God, it’s ok that you made different religions but don’t you get mixed up sometimes.” Arnold
Dear God, Is Reverend Coe a friend of yours, or do you just know him through business?” Donny
“Dear God, It rained for are whole vacation and is my father mad! He said some things about you that people are not supposed to say, but I hope you will not hurt him anyway.” Your Friend, But I Am Not Going To Tell You Who I Am

This book will give you a nice chuckle at times and at other times, you may actually partake in a full belly laugh….

This book is a must-own and with Amazon’s good deal on it, what are you waiting for?


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