Let me start out by saying that I’m glad I’m not a woman and even more so, I’m DAMN glad that I’m not a woman that’s had to deal with roommates! Y’all are some vindictive bitches when you want to be!

“2LDK” is a movie about two women, Lana and Nozomi, who are sharing an apartment. These two happen to be fiercely competitive as well, however, and end up vying for the affections of the same man. On top of their love life battles, they have both auditioned for the lead role in “Yakuza Wives”, a new film. Both are absolutely sure of themselves being the one getting called back.

Lana is the “beauty queen” who is on the down slide of her film career. She has unfortunately turned into one of the actresses that is known for her body (if you don’t understand what I’m talking about, check out Linnea Quigley link is NSFW, by the way), and not necessarily her acting chops. Nozomi is the girl who has just moved to the big city and is hoping to break into the film scene. She is a virgin and for the first half of the movie, comes across as extremely virginal. Although the main beef between these two is the movie role they are both sure they were destined for, their night-and-day personalities only fuel the animosity between them. In one scene towards the beginning, Nozomi goes through the refrigerator and labels EVERY SINGLE ITEM with either an “N” or an “L” so there is no confusion. Tensions are high as the naming of the fridge items has no effect on Lana’s hunger pains. What begins as a little “tiff” over boys and their respective food items becomes an all-out battle for survival between the two. The accusations abound as to who is treading on whose territory (if you’ve had a roommate, you’ve probably dealt with some of these same issues…who drank my Pepsi? type stuff)

What’s that you say? You’re looking for a sword fight? Gotcha covered. Interesting and painful uses for cleaning solvents? Gotcha covered there, as well. Every wondered what it would look like to get nailed in the head with the toilet lid? Well, then THIS is the show for you. I’ve only mentioned a couple of the horrible punishments they put each other thru, all the way to the climax.

This movie was B R U T A L….I’ve got a strong stomach and whether or not that’s a good thing (yes, I’m pretty sure that I’m desensitized like the majority of the world anymore) I still jumped a few times, cringing in my seat. Thru all the violence and hatred, Tsutsumi still injects some humor. There were several scenes that had me laughing my ass off. Amazing how I could go from cringing to laughing, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

Worth at least one look, if you can stomach it…..VERY intense but not until about halfway thru….Also, another interesting sidenote….This movie comes to a screeching halt after only about 70 minutes…It’s short and sweet (not really sweet but I had to borrow to cliche to end up the review!)

posted Sun, 11-28-04


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