We Don’t Live Here Anymore

While heavy on the dialogue, this honestly wasn’t an entirely bad movie. I have not been up to this point, and after this movie still am not, a fan of Mark Ruffalo. Some people just have a bad taste in their mouths about actors. For example; my mother doesn’t like Kevin Costner. She says that he’s the exact same character over and over again. Nothing changes about his mannerisms and his effort at portraying a character. My buddy and co-worker Wiley has a seething white-hot hatred for all things John Cusack,while I think he’s a genius and I worship the ground that Cusack has trod on. Just a couple of examples of actors that many like but few dislike. Mark Ruffalo is one of those actors for me. He’s always a real timid guy and his characters always seem to be the same. I’m sure he’s a great guy in person and I’d probably be more than happy to toss a couple cold ones down my throat with him, but as an actor, I think he’s crap.

The movie is an “expose” if you will about two married couples who are unhappy in their marriages. Each couple has children and a relative success with their careers and their lives. They just aren’t being fulfilled in their relationships. Naomi Watts (damn that girl is EVERYWHERE) and Laura Dern play the wives in the relationships

and Mark Ruffle-some-feathers and Peter Krause are the husbands.

As I mentioned, the dialogue is EXTREMELY heavy, and the movie seems to rely almost entirely on the dialogue but there are a few little segments that stood out to me. First off, Peter Krause (love that guy!!! If you haven’t watched Six Feet Under, you are missing out! The guy is amazing!)and Mark Ruff-Him-Up-A-Bit have gone out for beers and Peter Krause’s character tells him “Look, just love everybody you can. Love your kids, love your wife, keep the peace. Then once, just once…try fucking somebody else just ’cause it feels good”. This is his ‘mantra’, if you will. His character in the show was despicable if you really gave much thought to it, but played by Peter Krause, he had a real human quality to him. In another scene, Mark Ruff-a-lup-agus has taken his kids on a bike ride towards the end of the film and the little boy and girl are talking about how old the universe is and the girl says “Who were the first people on the planet?” to which the boy replies “If you believe in God, it’s Adam and Eve…and if you don’t, apes”. I thought it was funny coming from a child. Granted it’s movie dialogue (although I’m sure there are plenty of on-the-ball kids out there that have these discussions) but still somewhat witty.

I hate to say it but given the chance, I probably wouldn’t watch this again. Laura Dern has never really impressed me much and Naomi Watts is getting to be so overplayed that I’m tired of her as well. Mark Ruff-Ruff-Ruff, well you know what I think about that guy. Peter Krause is the only thing that kept me watching. I couldn’t wait to see what he would say next. Anyway, if you wanna rent it knock yourself out but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

No action (don’t always have to have action, drama is good sometimes), no zombies (I know, I know…I was aware of this when I rented it. Just because they’re my FAV’s doesn’t rule out everything else. I’m a diverse guy), and the sex was toned down so far that it was almost like watching scrambled Spice at 4am. Oh well, that’s just my two cents.
posted Sat, 12-11-04


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