Oh, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when THIS script was pitched to the execs.

“Ok, Mr Man-In-The-Suit. Here’s what we’ve got. A man in a 72 Cadillac who runs over random women. No wait, stay with me here. And then you know that guy who played Jesus Christ? That Jim Cavee, cabee, ca-whatever his name is. We have HIM play ANOTHER guy who has a 69 Barracuda and he’s chasing this guy around the country. Wait a second, it’s not a comedy! Why are you laughing?”

This movie was about as suspenseful as a trip to the dentist’s office. Nice looking Barracuda though, purred like a kitten. Probably would have been more interesting if they would have had kittens in the movie. Evil, demon zombie kittens. Oh well, wrong movie. That seems a bit outlandish for a movie. OR DOES IT?

posted Sun, 12-12-04


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