Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. This movie was so good that it required 3 “holy shits”. I haven’t seen a movie in awhile that had me excited in the way that this one did. My heart is still beating fast. This film was fucking amazing. I’d like to say I’m speechless (like Hero left me) but I can’t. I’m like an 5 year old who just saw Santa Claus for the first time. I’m absolutely wired. This movie will DEFINITELY be going on the “gotta own” list.

Before “Ray”, Jamie Foxx busted out his acting chops in THIS movie as Max, a cabbie who gets an unfortunate fare in Tom Cruise’s Vincent, a cold-as-ice hitman. Vincent’s in town to kill some people and he needs a cab to chauffeur him around as he’s taking care of his business. Max is a cabbie who is insanely tidy and loves his cab. He claims that the job driving the cab is only temporary but it’s been 12 years of “temporary” while he claims to be putting together a limousine business. This night’s fare is one that he won’t soon forget.

The dialogue between Tom Cruise’s Vincent and Jamie Foxx’s Max was absolutely brilliant. In a scene towards the beginning, Vincent tells Max “I’m in town to meet up with some old friends” and after his first killing Max says “I thought you said friends” to which Vincent replies “They’re SOMEBODY’S friends”. Edgy, snappy dialogue between the two of these guys. The critics said that Jamie Foxx stole the show from under Tom Cruise but I don’t think Tom Cruise has ever really let anyone “steal the show from him”. He fed off Jamie Foxx and Jamie Foxx fed off him. They were amazing together.

Although a couple smaller roles filled by Jada Pinkett Smith and Mark Ruff-A-Dub-Dub Ruffalo did not go unnoticed, this movie belonged to Vincent and Max.

One more Holy Shit for good measure.


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