Ordinary Decent Criminal

As a general rule I can sit thru the crappiest of movies with no qualms. Maybe I’m getting older though and don’t see the point in unnecessary movie watching if the movie sucks.

This movie was such a movie.

Number 1, Incoherent babblings from Kevin Spacey (who I usually love by the way) who does not put on a very good Irish accent.

Number 2, You know how some movies change the names on the “marquee” after someone has become famous? This movie claims to have Colin Farrell in it. Sure, TECHNICALLY he was in the movie but he’s not worthy of top billing. I saw Irish actors in the movie that I’d seen in a hell of a lot more than Colin, but he’s the latest pretty boy and he had top billing (although back in 2000, I think he was an honorable mention).

Number 3, Plot was jumping all over the place so much that I spent the whole time (only watched the first 40 minutes) trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

Bummer of a deal. Oh well, not the best rental but we’ll get things straightened out the next time we hit up Blockbuster.


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