January Update on The Boy

I was reading a post over at J’s blog this morning and realized that lately my posts have been just movie reviews and not much of anything with substance (well movie reviews to ME are full of substance because entertainment is what keeps us sane) but I figured I’d actually post a “real” post today, a quick heads up about what’s currently happening in my life for those that are concerned enough to care. Possibly those that are not quite sure what the timer is for in the top left corner of the screen, pay attention!

The timer in the corner was originally meant for Keefer’s Time Left in School but is now the countdown to my son’s surgery this upcoming Wednesday, the 5th. We actually had a scare this past week because he started coughing (he doesn’t usually cough) and although we want the surgery to go forward this time ’cause we got screwed out of the last time due to a breakdown in communication between THEM, we want him to be as healthy as possible going into the surgery. The anesthesia could possibly injure him, even kill him, if his lungs are not clear. He won’t be actually breathing during the surgery, a machine will be taking care of that particular function for him. It’s imperative that his lungs are clear. He doesn’t usually cough so the wife was overreacting, but in a good way. I took him into the doc on Friday morning and come to find out, he’s got some fluid in his ears. The pediatrician gave me a prescription to be filled for amoxycillin so ease up the fluid in his ears. He mentioned that the lungs were perfectly fine and normal and there were no worries there. That was a relief, although he did say that the fluid could be bad enough by Wednesday (without the prescription) to result in a flu or something of the sort. We have been giving him the medicine and he’s been relatively happy and a good baby (except for New Year’s Eve, he was an absolute terror!). Keep us in your thoughts on Wednesday morning and if anything changes about the situation, you can be damn sure that I’ll “blogit”.

Yesterday I went on a motorcycle ride with my father-in-law and some of his coworkers. I was by far the youngest one there (I turn 28 on the 26th of this month) but it didn’t matter much. The trip was beautiful and the lunch we had at a dockside seafood restaurant called The Blackwater Inn was damn good (I had a Cajun-spiced Grouper sandwich, as did my father-in-law). Another reason that I enjoyed the trip so much was because I had Lasik surgery on Tuesday and everything was so much more clear on the ride. It was beautiful to see all this lush greenery that was crystal clear, all the bridges we crossed over, it was great.

As a personal “favor”, I’ve gotta ask ya to stop by my wife’s blog and leave some comments! She was about to give it up the other day ’cause she was so mad that I hopped on the computer to write a review of Garden State. She had wanted to write one herself (which she did, by the way. Read it HERE. This movie is her soul-searching film and I know she loves it. For some reason, Vanilla Sky is that type of movie for me. Just “speaks to me” as she so succinctly put it the other day after watching Garden State.

Well, that’s about it for now, just figured I’d put another post up with some “substance”. Keep my son in your thoughts and prayers if you pray. We’re worried but excited. This surgery will alter his appearance forever and is the MOST DRASTIC surgery for him.
posted Mon, 01-03-05


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