King Arthur

Although pretty much HATED by all the critics, I watched this one last night with The Wife and wasn’t really all that disappointed. It was not what I had expected it to be. Although it was nowhere close to Braveheart (nothing has come close to THAT one yet, except MAYBE Gladiator), it wasn’t really THAT bad of a movie. I don’t think that it was deserving of the lashing given to it by the critics.

Starring Clive Owen as King Arthur, Keira Knightley as Guinevere, it is a “retelling” of the legend of Arthur. If it is truly based on the REAL Arthur, it would definitely be worth looking into. The movie shows Arthur and his knights as slaves to the Roman empire, performing all the dirty work for them until they can be granted their freedom from what almost seems like, indentured servitude. Well, the night they are supposed to be granted their freedom after almost 20 years of this fighting, they are tasked with one last mission. According to Arthur, who is absolutely livid about forcing his men into combat again, this is the most dangerous mission in all of their fighting history. Absolute madness! Complete suicide! Idiotic to try! All that stuff.

They go thru with their mission, kick some ass, and you get to see Keira Knightley’s scrawny ass in what looks like a medieval clubbing outfit. The jokes that we were cracking during the final battle scene included things like the fact that a 15 year old BOY would have more cleavage in that getup than she does and the extras in the background just fighting amongst themselves (not really fighting against a foe, just waving their axes in the air alot for no particular reason).

Oh well, enough of this goofiness. Not a bad show by any means. Worth a rental, at least, I’d say.



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