Although I have no problems with sex and language in movies (I’m a grown-up AND a man), it’s refreshing to see a movie that delivers some serious thrills and edge-of-the-seat action, all the while keeping within the PG-13 range. What a great film.

Cole Hauser plays Bo Laramie, a new action star in Hollywood. He’s hot, he’s on fire. The women want him, the men emulate him. To make things short and sweet, Bo is “the man” of the hour.

Well, with this boy from Montana isn’t quite used to this popularity and it’s a bit overwhelming for him and his family. When he sees pictures of himself and his wife (played by The Craft’s Robin Tunney half-naked on the cover of a local tabloid, he’s a bit miffed <–(PG-13 word) and things get worse when he catches Rex Harper (played like a real piece of poo by Tom Sizemore) taking photographs of his son. After asking nicely and then being told rudely to take his morals and stick them where the sun don’t shine, he loses his temper and socks Rex in the nose. The movie pretty much takes off from that point and doesn’t let up until the credits.

I enjoyed The Punisher as a kick-ass revenge film (most didn’t enjoy it. It was pretty much HATED by all the critics of course), but this one was just as good, if not better. A bit more realistic than The Punisher, Cole Hauser is hopefully going to be around for awhile (he’s been around for awhile but this was his first “real” lead role. He’s been in Pitch Black, Dazed and Confused, and a great role as a skinhead in Higher Learning among several other popular ones)

With several celebrity cameos throughout the movie (I wanna tell ya but don’t want to ruin the surprise), this was a great film. Check out my wife’s review as well. She loved it too.


No really.

Now quit taking pictures of me.

posted Thu, 01-13-05


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