Summer Catch

You ask why I rent so many damn movies? Well, that wonderful Movie Pass from Blockbuster allows me to pay one monthly fee and just rent to my heart’s content.

It’s great.


It means that I can rent a movie that I wouldn’t pay a dime for because it might be a warm, steamy turd of a film and not feel too bad. This is one of those movies.

This movie was one big cliche. A formula film, I think that a kindergarten class could have written it better.

So many cliches, so many cliches. My advice to you is to avoid it like the plague but in the case of THIS movie when it rains, it pours.

Sorry about that last sentence, the devil made me do it. But in the case of movies, no pain, no gain right? I’ve gotta just think that all good things come to those that wait and tomorrow is another day. My ship will come in eventually and I’ll have a good movie to curl up with by the fire.

By the way. I didn’t even finish this movie. I only made it an hour before the urge to vomit was too strong.


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