Mean Creek

Possible spoiler alert! Trailer already gave away the main plot of the film, but there are possible spoilers in this review!!!
Wow. Watched this one last night with “The Wif” and she told me she couldn’t write a review on it because she wasn’t sure how she felt about it. It was pretty unsettling.

Good show, bottom line. DEFINITELY worth the rental. Unfortunately the trailers for this film already let you know the tragic end to an outing taken by these kids. (Damn those trailers that give away EVERY-FRIGGIN-THING in the minute and a half of the preview!!!)

Sam (Rory Culkin, yeah from THAT Culkin group) has been smacked around a bit by George (an amazing performance by Josh Peck) in the first few minutes of the movie and that humiliating experience lays the tracks for what is to come.

Sam’s brother, Rocky, makes a suggestion that they get George back in one way or another. They decide on a prank that they will pull while out boating down the river. Suckering George is simple; with one phone call, they get him to swear secrecy to the boating trip and agree to come along. Well, Sam has 2nd thoughts about the prank and asks his brother to call off the prank because George isn’t as bad as he originally thought. Rocky agrees with Sam and they decide to call the whole thing off. The boating trip will continue as planned without the prank taking place. There is a group of kids along for this wild ride including Millie, Clyde, and Marty (Scott Mechlowicz from Eurotrip). Along the way, they are all convinced to call off the prank. Then George gets a little too cocky, George says a few things that he shouldn’t and hits too close to home with a few of the kids. The prank is back on (Millie is absolutely chilling when she says, “Marty? Start the game”), and then it’s back off again. Through an accident, tragedy strikes and George is not going to bully anyone anymore.

Like I said, the trailer gives away alot of the movie but what the trailer does NOT show is the amazing performances by these kids. After doing what they’ve done, they run the gamut of emotions; should we hide the body? should we just come clean?

It was amazing to me, how “real” these kids’ emotions were. It actually made me think of MY childhood and bullies that I remember. I never had any huge problems with bullies but Josh Peck hits the nail on the head with his performance of George, an overweight rapstar-wannabe who uses other people’s shortcomings to further his own self-esteem. He has a video camera that he tapes “his life story” as he puts it. He tapes EVERYTHING. I leaned over to my wife halfway thru the boating trip and said “Wow, he’s really not THAT bad of a kid. Just starved for attention. He really isn’t too terrible” but then he pulls a complete 180 degree turn and I was like “Holy crap, that kid needs a good ass-kicking”.

Bottom line, here?

Wow. What a film, most DEFINITELY worth the rental. Shit probably even worth buying for a repeat viewing.

Just a little funny dialogue between two of the characters….(yeah, there’s a bit of humor in the movie too!)

George: [as Marty opens a beer while driving] Hey Marty? my mom made me sign one of those contracts, telling her I wouldn’t get in a car with a driver who’s been drinking…

Marty: Oh, it’s cool. My mom gave me permission to drink and drive. You don’t have to worry about it.


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