It’s hard for me to express my feelings about a film that truly excites me without using profanity. Profanity seems to cheapen any conversation but at the same time it’s also a good way to draw immediate attention to what you’re saying. Well, it seems just wrong to soil the memory of this film with a dirty word.

This movie was one of the best I’ve seen in awhile now. You know all the hoopla you’ve been hearing about Jamie Foxx’s performance as Ray Charles? Yeah, they’re ALL RIGHT. He was amazing. It was almost like he was “channeling” Ray for the entire film. Every little shake, every little idiosyncrasy, he had them all going.

It’s amazing to think that Mr Foxx has gone from this

to this

but it’s happened.

Jamie Foxx has taken his career in an ENTIRELY new direction and all of us movie watchers are the better for it. He’s amazing. I first really gave notice to Mr Foxx in Collateral a couple months back and he’s definitely on my “list to watch” for sure.

The film was directed with a very nice style by Taylor Hackford (most recently known for the flop that was “Proof Of Life” and “The Devil’s Advocate”). It was written by him as well with no extra nonsense written in for dramatic flair (Well, maybe their was but it wasn’t obvious like some movies. There wasn’t any story out-of-left-field that didn’t add or take-away from the story)

The film really brought to light all the little things that turned Ray Charles into the Ray Charles the world knew. He truly lived an amazing life and his trials are brought to the front in this film, without necessarily painting a picture of a bad man. The film portrays Ray as a tortured soul who gets addicted to heroin early on and along the way to stardom his marital infidelities tangle things up as well.

I was talking to The “Wif” towards the end of the film and I mentioned how cool it was to have a movie about someone who happens to “own” every song on the soundtrack. The movie was accompanied by Ray’s own music, half of which was sang by him, the other half sang by Jamie Foxx (who did a great job singing as well. I can’t quit praising the dude!)

I want to go buy a Ray Charles album and get taken back to the emotions I had while watching the film. What a powerful film, what a beautiful film, definitely on the top movies of 2004.

(Now, writing a review with no profanity wasn’t THAT hard was it?)
Check out Jane’s review of Ray as well….Read it at the following link;

posted Fri, 02-04-05


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