I just read a post on someone’s blog where they said “First off, this retard seemed” and instantly froze in my tracks…..

I read a post on Blog-City here one time (I think it was Blog-City, it was probably almost a year ago. It was a very well-written post) where someone had an entire post about the word “retard” and it’s many uses, some medical and some just hateful. Please forgive me for not remembering the person’s blog, this was ages ago and if YOU are that person, leave me a comment with the link to that post and I’ll throw a trackback your way for sure!

The word retard has several meanings.

According to, the word means “To cause to move or proceed slowly; delay or impede.”

Or you can go with Google definitions at and see a list of other definitions. What is disappointing is that at “press time” (when I write this post), out of the 5 listed definitions, there is one linked from Princeton that says the word means “idiot: a person of subnormal intelligence”. That definition pisses me off. Am I touchy? Yes, I am. My wife learned that once when we were dating. That word was used in a conversation as a derogatory term and it instantly turned me cold. I hate the fucking word. If you want to use that word, use it as it SHOULD be used (disregard the Princeton definition, I thought Princeton was cut from a better cloth than that). Examples? “Drinking alcohol while pregnant has a good chance of retarding the natural growth of your baby” “If you set your toys in the middle of the room, you’ll retard my progress of making dinner” (maybe not the BEST example but you catch my drift)

Why am I so touchy? Well my sister was what some people like to call a “retard”.

Don’t use that word around me.


As David Banner says, “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”


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