The Walking by Bentley Little

“It begins in a small Southwestern town. Then it spreads. Across the country a series of strange deaths have overtaken the living. And a stranger compulsion has overtaken the dead.”

That’s the first paragraph on the back of this book. Reading it at Books-A-Million I was instantly intrigued. I love zombies. I still can’t figure out exactly WHY, but I love ‘em. I sometimes think that it may be because they are one of the few things left that actually creep me out. The concept of a mass throng of people just stumbling towards you with no particular motive other than eating you really creeps me out and piques my morbid curiousity.

This book plays itself off as a zombie novel (“The Walking”? The title even SOUNDS like a zombie book!) but is not necessarily about zombies as much as it is about witchcraft and decades old vengeance. Sins of the fathers passed on to the sons and all that jazz.

Although I said that it’s not really a zombie tale per se, it DOES have walking dead in it. They just aren’t malevolent, they are only automatons that have been cursed to….OH NEVER MIND! You read it, I don’t want to give it away! Suffice it to say that the tale is multi-faceted and involves more than just zombies.

An interesting read and I think I’ll give Bentley Little another try. I enjoyed this one and hope I enjoy more of his work.

I recommend this one, even if you’re not into zombies!

posted Mon, 02-21-05


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