Forrest Gump

The weather yesterday in North Florida was so horrible that we decided to just stay in and watch movies all day. After the initial run to Blockbuster for a movie update, we didn’t leave the house again all day long.

On Saturday evening, during dinner with friends at Longhorn (usually a great place but the customer service was really bad this particular time. At least we got a free round of drinks ‘cause The Wif started out pissed off and by the time we were seated she had cooled off and I was out to rip somebody’s head off), the television at the bar was showing Forrest Gump. It’d been years since I watched the movie. I own it, but it’s pretty much been relegated to the annals of Dave’s DVDs. Seeing it up on the screen, we all started talking about it. How good it was and this conversation segued into another conversation about what movies we’d each cried in. The big ones? Big Fish (yeah, that was mine), Boyz N The Hood (my buddy swears he cried after Morris Chestnut gets shot in the alley) and several others. I remember that Forrest had made my eyes a bit wet when he was talking at the grave of someone close to him. Everyone agreed that the scene in question was definitely one to jerk some tears.

Anyway, on the “official” review stuff.

Forrest Gump is the tale of a Southern man who, although his IQ does not allow him to fully grasp his experiences, leads a serendipitous life thru several decades. His path crosses several historical figures including George Wallace, Lyndon B Johnson, John F Kennedy, and even John Lennon. During these decades, he makes good friends with Jenny and Bubba, never losing sight of his relationship with his Mama.

Forrest plays college football, serves in Vietnam, opens a shrimping company, and so many other things.

The movie is a great film and it’s unfortunate that several of the movies greatest lines, those of which were some of the films most meaningful, have become catch phrases and joke punchlines. “Run, Forrest run!” and “Life’s like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get” spoken in the deep southern drawl that Tom Hanks speaks so well are the two lines that you can still hear to this day, 11 years after the movie was released in theatres.

We were talking last night about how perfect Forrest really is. His low IQ has left him with an almost child-like view of things. Almost completely unmuddled by adult reasoning, Forrest looks at life and sees all the good things in people, the simple things are the most important to him. Life gets so damn hectic and “angry” at times that we always forget how important it is to just be here and savor every minute you have with the people you love.

A great story about cherished moments and sacred friendships, Forrest Gump is definitely a movie worth sitting down and watching with someone you care about.


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