Flight of the Phoenix

I rented this one last week on “New Release Tuesday” and then had the opportunity to read the review that Knight wrote before watching it….

He says “It was pretty average. You can basically guess everything that happens.”

Yeah, I’d buy that for a dollar. It WAS average and very predictable, however I still enjoyed it (as I think he did as well). I had an inkling that it wasn’t any kind of Academy Award winner but I’ll give Dennis Quaid a chance in about anything, PLUS it had Eowyn in it! She was damn grimy but that’s ok. She’s helped to kick some Orc ass so I’ll let it slide!

Short summation of the movie (warning, possible spoilers!)

Plane crashes in desert.
Water/Food rationing begins.
Single member of party proposes a solution to the whole “we’re-in-the-desert-and-we’re-going-to-die” dilemma.
Every one hates aforementioned member.
Member’s solution works.
Good majority of crew makes it out.

I loved the scene where a guy goes out to take a piss in the middle of the night and….well, you’ll just have to watch it I guess….

Worth a rental…


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