The Resort by Bentley Little

My original foray into Bentley Little’s world was with “The Walking”, which I read last month….While I enjoyed that one, there was still an element of “hokiness” to it….I did see something in Bentley Little’s writing that I liked though and saw some potential for future reads….

This book is actually the one that The “Wif” picked up originally at the store. She said “Hey Crazy! Check out the cover of this one!” (she doesn’t call me ‘Crazy’ by the way!) I thought it looked alright but I was really drawn to the one about the zombies…..

This book is pretty damn creepy…..We start out with Lowell and his wife Rachel…..Lowell’s high school reunion is coming and he’s feeling a bit down-and-out about it seeing as he’s a manager at a grocery store and doesn’t want to be in town when all his former classmates come traipsing thru town and possibly laugh at his career…He takes his family on a 5-day vacation to the middle of the Arizona desert, a nice resort called “The Reata”….

Shortly upon arrival to this beautiful resort, all the family members begin to notice odd things happening around them….There’s the swimming pool that is always empty and when someone DOES go swimming in it, they have a supernatural experience…..There’s the all-hours-of-the-night party taking place in an abandoned room….The weirdest parts of the characters are really things that wouldn’t even necessarily be supernatural (the athletic directors’ tenacious insistence on the inclusion of ALL male guests in the organized sports), the sexual awakening of Lowell’s wife, Rachel….

A very odd read but definitely kept my interest….The ending was a bit strange and cliched but still worth the read overall…

posted Thu, 03-17-05


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