Crimson Rivers 2 : Angels of the Apocalypse

First off let me say one thing. I love to hear women speaking French. It’s so sexy. Listening to dudes speak French though, that’s a different matter ALTOGETHER.

Anyway, this movie was pretty wild. French movies have cliches too!!! Jean Reno plays a cop who is on the verge of retirement. He gets called in to investigate a series of strange murders and partners up with a younger cop, Captain Reda. Tell ya what…..I’ve never seen two French dudes kick so much ass. Oiu? Oooooooooh oiu….

With a pretty off-the-wall plot involving ninja monks and 12 dudes that look alot like the disciples from The Last Supper painting, it was odd.

It’s subtitled but that didn’t seem to take away from anything. I love Jean Reno (The Professional!) anyway so it was worth the viewing.

Damn them monks was baaaaaaaaddddd….

posted Mon, 04-04-05


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