Dead Birds

Did ya ever see one of those movies that made you think “Well, this could have been PRETTY DAMN SCARY if the right person would have gotten ahold of it”? Well, Alex Turner is not that person. This movie bordered on a halfway decent horror movie.

Truth be told, I’m an easy person to appease. Really, I am. The effects in this movie were pretty bad but they looked like they had the opportunity to be pretty creepy. Well, actually let me rephrase that. The scenes with the “big-mouthed demons” were still a bit eery but overall I was about as scared as I would be going to get the mail.

The story is about a group of bank robbers who, on the run, hole up in a country house that happens to be haunted.

The house is the scene of a horrific set of atrocities, all performed by the father of the house. We’re talking human sacrifices and basic murder stuff. All of the bank robbers, throughout the course of the evening they spend there, start to see visions of what happened and it either kills them outright or drives them batty.

The acting was sub-par even though it had some decent actors in it. Henry Thomas (yeah ET’s buddy!) and Patrick Fugit were the two “main” ones. Patrick Fugit is the kid from “Almost Famous”.

Bottom line? I liked it as a guilty pleasure but wouldn’t buy it for full-price.

And oh yeah, it was “Full-Screen”…..Blechhhhhh….Absolutely HATE Full-Screen….


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