Religion (Part III)

Been a busy day!

Just got back from reading Jane’s thoughts on religion and figured I’d put a couple up as well (I tried to leave a comment but it vanished so I just gave up and figured I’d put up a brief post)….

Jane said it well, that’s for sure….I feel that a person’s relationship with God is their own and if they choose to live their life a certain way, then they will be held accountable for that….To borrow a quote from an unlikely figure, Tupac Shakur said “Only God can judge me”….He’s right (not using past tense ’cause he keeps putting out albums! He’s probably on an island with Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa!)

That’s what turns so many people off to religion; the hypocrisy inherent in the combination of religion and human emotions…Very few people are completely holy individuals, no matter what religion is in question. In my experiences with religion (read Part I and Part II posted last year in my “Thoughts On” category), I have met some nice people and I’ve met some not-so-nice people. All in all, it used to be a 50/50 split. Not so much anymore though. I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older and more skeptical, I see the hypocrisy more and more often and more and more prevalent in those who claim to be holy.

For the people who have found happiness in religion and contentment, then I salute you. So far though, in my life, I have a difficult time with things that are not concrete and physically in front of me. I’ve also become very jaded with humanity.

As I was growing up, I was raised in a church-going, God-fearing family. I never questioned any of that until I was in high school and on my way to the Navy. I’ve never gotten back to that state of contentment since I left home and saw the things that I saw out there. I’ve honestly tried to get back to that but I haven’t been successful. Like I said, when humanity gets involved, it always gets screwy…..Emotions are far too fragile to involve in something as important as Religion.

Talking with W on AIM and he said that Jane’s post inspired him to write one. I figured I’d toss my thoughts out there briefly on the subject (Part I and II are the HUGE posts) and then peruse my Blog-City neighborhood before signing off for the day…
posted Wed, 04-06-05


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