Some people hate Adam Sandler’s attempts at dramatic acting. Although he is no Humphrey Bogart, he is actually surprisingly convincing as a serious actor (plus I like the dude anyway! Except for Waterboy) .

Spanglish is the tale of a young Mexican girl who comes to America with her mother, Flor. These two have made it on their own up to this point and Flor is adamant about keeping it that way. At the beginning of the movie she tells her daughter that she is only allowed to cry ONE tear and to make it count because it’s all she’s allowed. Flor is a strong woman and wants to pass the trait on to her daughter.

After several years in America, she gets a job as a housekeeper with the Clasky’s (Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni’) and that’s when the all the character flaws come to light.

Tea Leoni is despicable as Deborah Clasky, a former-advertising exec who was downsized (you saw the dialogue in the trailer! Double gulp!) and now spends her time running around the neighborhood and ignoring her family. Damn, I didn’t like her. James Brooks wrote her as a pretty real-life-type mom who is so caught up in herself that she doesn’t give anyone or anything else the time of day.

Adam Sandler plays John Clasky, an award-winning chef who is constantly at odds with Deborah over their children. His character was a pretty likeable guy and you can watch the storyline unfold and completely feel sympathetic to his feelings. He tones down his comedic stylings to bring to screen an aggravated, loving father who is at the end-of-his-rope with Deborah and her insensitivities (usually it’s the GUY who is portrayed in the bad light in marital-type films!)

In comes Flor (played by Paz Vega and totally in the front running for Dave’s Hump Island. Flor speaks no English and for the first little while of the movie, they all stumble around the language barriers.

When the Claskys move into a summer home, Flor is invited to come and she refuses. Come to find out, she’s got a daughter that she hadn’t told about before! Well, the daughter is invited along and Flor moves in with the Clasky’s. The cultural differences between the Claskys and the Morenos make for some friction, especially between the two mothers.

One last note; Cloris Leachman as Deborah’s alcohol-swilling mother was absolutely brilliant. That woman was a barrel-of-laughs and her character was very likeable AND hiliarious!

I don’t want to give much away (if I already did, I’m sorry!) but suffice it to say this was a great movie and worth a rental. The “Wif” is heading to Best Buy tonight and buying 1 copy for her grandmother and another for us, she liked it that much…..Head over to her blog and request her to write a review! She never posts much anymore and I told her that she should write a review if she liked it so much!!! He he he he…..


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