After The Sunset

You know that little voice in the back of your head that says “Nooooooooooooooooooo” when you’ve done something that you shouldn’t? Well, I had that voice just beating against my skull yesterday when I picked this one up off the shelf. I have since decided that I need to listen to that voice more often, seriously.

Where did it go wrong? Well…..

I like Woody Harrelson.

I like Pierce Brosnan.

I absolutely LOVE Don Cheadle.

I even like Brett Ratner’s previous films.

I love Salma Hayek so much that she’s on my backup Hump Island. Well, maybe not. Maybe she’s on the real thing. The ONLY good thing about this movie was her. She hammed it up constantly and showed so much cleavage that I couldn’t turn off the movie for the longest time ’cause I thought she might do some sexy-librarian-naughty-girl stuff again.

So what the *@#$@#$@ happened with this one?

Acting? Horrid. Like cue cards being read by 7 year olds in a Christmas pageant. Unbelievable how such fine actors could be reduced to such drivel.

The dialogue? See above! I think that might be why the acting was so awful. The screenplay couldn’t have been tough to write. Just take two pieces of paper. You shit on one and then use the other one to cover it up with. I lost interest after probably an hour (yeah, an HOUR!!!! I gave it THAT much of a chance!) and decided to just come over and blog. I was having an AIM conversation with W as well. Usually I like to invest all my senses into a movie but just couldn’t do it yesterday afternoon. What a steamy pile of crap.



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