A Love Song for Bobby Long

Yes, I hate John Travolta.


But after seeing the previews for this one, I thought I might be able to stomach it. I mean, come on now! It’s got Travolta (The “Wif” likes him) and Scarlett Johannson (totally on The Hump Island)!


I was bored out of my skull thru the entire film and hated Travolta even more. He was so friggin hammy in this movie I kept waiting for somebody to throw a tomato at his head from off-camera or something. HORRIBLE performance by him. Annoying as dog piss on the carpet.

The film is about a young woman whose mother has passed away. She (Scarlett J) returns to her mother’s house and finds two alcoholics living in it (one of whom is John Travolta). She makes friends with them and they all sit around and wax intellectual about literary figures.

One funny thing though; towards the end of the film when Scarlett is having a heart-to-heart with Travolta’s Bobby Long, she talks about childhood memories and she says “Susy couldn’t say super-cali-fucking whatever”. Not quite sure WHY that was funny but it shook off my lethargy and had me chuckling.

Too bad for me, ’cause the preview made it look like something I’d be able to sit thru. NOT TRUE.


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