Amityville 2 : The Possession

We had a babysitter and everything. We were completely prepared to go see the remake of the Amityville Horror. Totally stoked, we were. Yep.

And then The Boy got sick.

And we didn’t want to subject the babysitter to his rants and coughs. He actually scared us a few times. All the phlegm in his throat resulted in a few scary coughs that evolved into a red-faced choking baby. Needless to say, he’s headed to the Doc this afternoon and my clothes are in the laundry. Why in the laundry, you say? Well, that kid vomited on me 3 times this weekend during his coughing fits. It’s pretty nerve-racking to hear him choking on his phlegm. Even more nerve-racking is having to pat him on the back firmly and tell him to get it all out.

And then he gets it all out.

On me.


Felt like I was out drinking with the guys again. Plenty of times I’ve been vomited on and I’m sure I’ve vomited on others plenty of times as well (Isn’t beer AWESOME?) but never really thought it would be by someone so close to me, he he he he.

Well, we rented this one along with the third Amityville. You want to know what I thought of Amityville Horror II: The Possession dontcha?


The film is actually a “prequel” to the first movie, telling us about the family who lived in the house before the Lutzes. What’s truly odd about this, however, is the family who was part of the “true story” was named DeFeo and the son who killed his whole family was Ronnie DeFeo. The guy in the movie was named “Sonny Montelli”. Uh, ok.

The only thing, and I mean the ONLY thing, that made it watchable (and I don’t even know if I’d go THAT far!) was watching this kid Sonny become more and more evil as his possession by supernatural forces got worse and worse.

Oh wait, that wasn’t what made it watchable. Hmmmmm, let’s think of something.

Uh, nope. Can’t come up with anything. Cheesy-ass horror movie with not a whole lot of horror.

Oh! Can’t forget to mention how much of an Exorcist rip-off it was. The last couple minutes (SPOILER TO COME) involved a priest attempting to rid Sonny of the demon that possessed him and I could have sworn I was looking at a short-haired Linda Blair AND to make it even MORE of a rip-off, the priest said “COME INTO ME!!! LEAVE THE BOY AND COME INTO ME!!!”

Yeah, whatever. Good thing I got MoviePass from Blockbuster.


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