Rude Folks : The Smokers

John had a post up the other day and I kept meaning to put my thoughts down to pen and paper (or actually keyboard and monitor). Well now I get to rant a bit. Warning to ya; ranting means that swearing may occur occasionally and at random throughout the blog post.

Rude people piss me off.

A lot.

Hmmmmm, one example just on my way in this morning to work. Picture this; it’s 5:15 in the morning and you’re driving behind someone down the interstate. Yes, there’s lights along the way but they provide just enough light for you to see that you are still on the interstate. You’re zoning out because it’s pretty early in the morning and then all of a sudden, IT’S THE FOURTH OF JULY!!!! SPARKS EVERYWHERE!!!! Oh wait, that’s a cigarette.

Tell me some stuff people. You want to smoke right? In my opinion it’s pretty fucking idiotic in itself. People die from smoke inhalation and not necessarily the flames when stuck in a fire so why in the living fuck would you VOLUNTARILY inhale all that shit? If you’re going to smoke WHILE DRIVING that’s fine, but don’t throw that shit out the window. What gives you the right? What makes that any different from me throwing my McDonald’s bag out the window (oh wait, people do THAT too!)? Ashtrays are in the car for a reason. I’ve got a great idea for the smokers out there. If you’re driving in your car; NUMBER ONE use your ashtray, NUMBER TWO, roll your windows up. Keeping all that shit inside the car might be the best deterrent to smoking that you could possibly have. If you can’t breathe then maybe it will make you say to yourself that smoking is a complete waste of money/time/energy.

It’s bad enough seeing people throw that crap out the window when I’m in my truck but if I’m on my motorcycle, it’s just about like instant road rage. Usually, since I’m on a motorcycle and I realize that I will never win any kind of driving derby I just try to let it pass me over and then think about how much fun I’m having on my motorcycle. There’s been a couple of times though that I’ve not been able to let it “pass me over” and have either said something or stared down a driver. This goes for ANYTHING thrown out the window, not just cigarettes. Some kid, a couple months back, threw an apple core out his window. An apple core will deteriorate, yes, and will eventually decay into the ground and noone will know that it was even there but if you chuck it out the window and there’s a biker behind you, you just pissed them off. I had to duck in order to not get hit with the thing (it was rush hour and I had to be relatively close to the preceding car). Pulled up next to that kid, probably a high school kid, and gave him the Dave Glare Of Death. Now, I’m not a “bad dude” by any means, but I think I got my point made and I didn’t even have to say a word. Poor kid looked terrified and I honestly think it was just a case of not thinking or paying attention. He probably hadn’t even bothered to think about the consequences of having someone behind him before he heaved his trash out the window.

Sorry to the considerate smokers out there. I imagine there are some out there but unfortunately I haven’t met any yet. Smoking seems to turn people into rude assholes who like to dirty up the streets with cigarette butts, stink up the room, and then parents who smoke…….Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….

What pisses me off more than seeing a smoke flicking their ashes and butts out the window? Seeing a kid in a carseat in that same vehicle. Or how about at restaurants, seeing the parents sucking down a lung rocket while the kid sits next to seem completely unsure of what’s going on in their lungs? Smoking, to me, is a very selfish habit to have. Everybody’s got their bad habits, heaven knows I’ve got mine, but smoking seems to hurt all of those around you.
posted Tue, 04-26-05


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