National Treasure

My 1000th entry and it’s going to be a review for this movie. *sigh*

I like Nic Cage, most of the time. His performance in Leaving Las Vegas was a career-builder in my humble opinion. He really captured the desperation of an alcoholic in that film. Loved it, totally deserving of all praises lavished on him I thought.

So what does he do after his numerous accolades after that? He does The Rock, Con Air, and Face Off. All great movies for me to watch and get pumped up about but it did seem like a complete 180 degree turn for him.

Anyway, Nic Cage is cool in my book. He doesn’t need to try. Well, I mention that because in this movie he really was TRYING to be cool. It got annoying. His lines were terrible and he delivered them with a certain comedic flair that I don’t think was intended.

The movie is about Benjamin Franklin Gates (Cage) and his adventures as a “treasure hunter”. He is double-crossed at the beginning of the movie by Boromir (Sean Bean, sorry!) and the race is on between him and Boromir (sorry!!!! Sean Bean’s what I meant to say!) to get to the Declaration of Independence and check out a map that is supposedly on the back of it.

Along for the ride is Harvey Keitel, Jon Voigt, and Helen of Troy (oops, I meant Diane Kruger). The ride was not very exciting to me, honestly. The history was way off-base from what I imagine and the acting was just horrid.

Bad lines, bad acting, cheesy effects, and Jon Voigt as a meek old man made this a crap-fest of the evening.

Want a history lesson? Here’s one.

May 3rd, 2005: Dave rents National Treasure
May 6th, 2005: Dave and The Wif watch National Treasure
May 6th, 2005 (2 hours later): Dave and The Wif realize that even after waiting for it to get better, it never did and feel that they’ve wasted another 2 hours of their lives!

History is fun!

posted Mon, 05-09-05


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