Cell Phone Abuse

John had a post up a couple weeks back with his gripes and moans about some of the kids he teaches and how rude they can be….His post inspired my post on smokers (Rude Folks (Part I: The Smokers)) and now I’m back with a 2nd chapter to my gripes….

Cell Phone abusers…

Now it would be completely hypocritical for me to post this without mentioning that there have been times I’ve talked on my phone while driving and there have been times that I’ve been offensive on my phone (honestly I can’t think of any but I’ll group myself with the assholes on this one) but I make every effort to not be a repeat offender…

Cell phones are great, they really are. The technology that allows us to be reachable just about ANYWHERE is cool. Trust me, I’ve got a Sidekick thru T-Mobile and that thing RULEZ. I can surf the internet, get on AIM, check email, calender, to-do list, all the necessities for a person like me who thinks he’s busier than he really is (he he)

Where did it all go wrong then? Why are people that are normally perfectly decent human beings turn into such pricks when they get a phone call? Is an incoming phone call like Kryptonite and it alters your personality, weakens your strength, causes ignorance? What is it? Has noone heard of voicemail? Are you worried that you’ll NEVER speak to that person again and listen to the latest Britney Spears gossip if you don’t take that call RIGHT THEN AND THERE?

There have been numerous times that I’ve been behind someone in line (grocery store, gas station, you name it) and their phone rings….This is the moment that truly defines a person, that really can speak volumes about their personality. Do they answer it? Or do they give the attendant/cashier/whoever the 30 seconds it will take to serve them and THEN call the person back? Nothing irks me worse (well, there’s more chapters! plenty of things irk me but be patient!) than watching an attendant/cashier have to wait to help someone because the customer is ignoring them while on a phone call. When your dumbass is yakking away on the phone and yukkin’ it up we’re all behind you waiting. Yeah, that’s me coughing in line ’cause I haven’t worked up enough nerve to walk up to you and YANK THE DAMN PHONE FROM YOUR HAND AND THROW IT INTO THE SODA COOLER. I guess I never would have thought it would come to this. And besides the fact that you’re aggravating those of us waiting patiently, think of how shitty you’re treating the cashier! Poor guy/girl has to stand behind the counter for 8 hours in a row and take money and listen to people gripe about prices, ocassionally getting someone friendly to say “hey how’s it going today?” Whether or not a cashier will tell you they like it, they do, trust me. As a former cashier, it’s nice to have somebody ask you occassionally how things are going. It beats the monotony. WELLLLLLL, Miss-Cell-Phone-Attached-To-Your-Head how would you like it if you were trying to help somebody out and they ignored you the entire time you were helping them? Huh? Huh? Huh? You’d call them an asshole wouldn’t ya? Well, guess what? That’s what YOU are doing to them when you decide that latest joke from your friend is more important than dealing with the world that is right in front of you physically.

So hang up the fucking phone when you’re taking care of business. You can call them back, trust me.

Secondly about cell phones, how about the people that yak on them when driving. Yeah, yeah some people say “Oh it doesn’t affect my driving!” Well, you know what? It does. It’s like when your buddies say “Oh I drive better with a couple beers in me”. No you don’t, dipshit. A cell phone distracts you Look! The government says so too!) and there’s enough shit going on during your drive that you should be paying full attention to the road. If you’re driving 10 miles under the speed limit and holding up traffic BUT you’re having a good-old-time talking about what you’re going to wear to the party on Saturday night HANG UP THE FUCKING PHONE. Driving and talking on your cell phone is such an aggravating habit and you hear so many people griping about it but 90% of people around her yak on their phones while driving. So who the hell is griping about it? Is it like the polls on Terri Schiavo? People say one thing in the privacy of their own home and then behave completely different in public? WTF???? W…..T…..F…..?????

When I first started dating The Wif, she would interrupt conversations to take cell phone calls. CONSTANTLY. We discussed it and then agreed to turn our cell phones on either silent or completely off while on dates. It was getting that bad. I did it to her as well. Right smack-dab in the middle of a conversation “Oh hey! It’s my buddy! Hold that thought!”

Grrrrr…..Cell phone abuse is a major pet peeve….As W closes off with, “any thoughts?”


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