My 2nd Anniversary

So why was I out yesterday you ask? Weeeeeeellllll…..

Yesterday was my 2nd anniversary so I had to do something….I took the day off from work without telling The “Wif” and called in a favor from the Mother-In-Law (she’s a florist)….I spent my entire day racing around town and never even had a chance to look at my blog….Also, The “Wif” checks my blog occassionally while at work so I didn’t want to let on anything….My utmost apologies to those who came looking for trivia! Anyway, my day was busy running errands and picking up things….

Here’s a math equation for ya…..What do you get when you take 30 long-stemmed tulips, 1 set of baby clothes from the Mother-In-Law, 1 greeting card, and a box set of Friends (6th season!)? See the answer below….

By the way, to pull off the charade, I had to get up at normal time and leave the house (4:30 am!!!!!) until she had left for work….Ugh….

And what did I get? I got Wood! No seriously, checkout my t-shirt! Do I have the coolest wife ever or what?????
posted Mon, 05-25-05


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