In Good Company

Wow, what a great movie. When this originally came out in theatres, I wasn’t really all that interested in it. It wasn’t because I didn’t like it, it just didn’t come across as something that I was willing to “risk it” on. Having a nine-month-old means that if we see a movie, it’d better be a good one and something worth all the time and logistical planning involved. The “Wif” saw this one with The Mother-In-Law during its theatrical run and they just ranted and raved about it.

I rented it the other day and just finished watching it on a portable DVD player and enjoyed every minute of it. Didn’t hurt that one of my Hump Island girls is in it, he he he. Scarlett Johannson is a great one to watch and she does a great job in this one.

For those of you who don’t know, Dennis Quaid is a 50+ executive in an advertising department and due to some reconstruction of his department, he ends up playing second fiddle to a twenty-six-year-old executive who is being “groomed” for future leadership opportunities (another great performance, by Topher Grace). The situation is uncomfortable for both Dan (Quaid) and Carter (Grace) and they have many tense scenes as Carter’s New Age management clashes with Dan’s dinosaur techniques. To add insult to injury, Carter falls for Dan’s daughter, Alex (Johannson) and they begin a romance.

It was nice to see the director of American Pie has matured and not pigeonholed himself into teen comedies. Another previous film of his (Chris Weitz) was 2002’s About A Boy, another good one.

I loved alot of the dialogue and although it’s not a laugh riot, it definitely has a few parts worth chuckling about. It’s more of a drama and less of a comedy, suppose that throws it into the “dramedy” category.

One of my favorite bits of dialogue was the following;

Carter: “I’m gonna have to let some people go.”
Dan: “Why do you say let them go? They don’t WANT to go. Why don’t you just say fire them?”
Carter: “Because it sounds better.”
Dan: “Not to the person getting fired it doesn’t”

Funny stuff. Anyway, I would recommend this one to anybody in the mood for a good, light-hearted comedy with a heart.



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