Sometimes In April

Originally posted on June 8th, 2005

Well, Ana asked me the other day if I’d seen this movie (comment left in my review of “We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families”) and at the time I had NOT seen it….While at Blockbuster over the weekend, I noticed that this was in the New Release section so I grabbed it…

I watched it yesterday afternoon after getting home from work and I’ve gotta say it was pretty good…Although it’s the same subject matter of Hotel Rwanda, it’s approached from a different perspective, one from outside the hotel and on the “frontlines” of this horrendous genocide.

Where Hotel Rwanda tended to stay inside the hotel and around the general area of the hotel, this movie goes out into the town of Kigali. The tale of two Hutu brothers, Augustin and Honore, is the backdrop of this film produced by HBO.

Augustin is a military man and a proud father of two young boys and a daughter. His wife, Jeanne, is a Tutsi and he is himself a moderate Hutu. As he tells his boys when they ask him what their ID cards will say when they grow up, “I hope it will say Rwandan”.

Honore is an extremist and journalist who uses the radio station as his soapbox. The movie starts out with a letter from him to Augustin pleading him to come visit him in his cell, awaiting trial for crimes against humanity. He tells Augustin that he will tell him what had happened to his family. Without giving anything away, let’s just say that it’s quite tragic what had befallen his ENTIRE family.

The movie does a good job of depicting the unbelievable violence without actually being a gore-fest. If you can say that genocide was portrayed in a tasteful manner to us well-to-do Western moviewatchers, then you could say that.

Something else worth mentioning (and I was curious when I read the previously mentioned book) was the events going on around this same time in 1994. You know the main news story? Kurt Cobain’s death. That’s what we all cared about.

The movie is worth watching but be prepared for more “ugliness” than in Hotel Rwanda. Even with all the ugliness depicted in the films, it’s still absolutely NO comparison to the truth. I hope nothing like this happens again. EVER.


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