The IT Guy – Chapter 02

Chapter 2

It’s Friday afternoon. I had to quit writing for a while ’cause I heard some noises outside and wasn’t sure what they were. Nothing is benign and harmless anymore. Every noise I hear, every shadow I see keeps me on edge. On edge is the only way I’ve made it this far in this shit. Just yesterday, I stepped outside onto my balcony and smelled some smoke. Now, I’m not a smoker so it tickled my throat. Tickled it enough to elicit a cough. Bad move. I coughed a little louder than I had meant to and immediately drew the attention of three of those dead fuckers. They shambled over to the entry doors to the apartment complex. One of them was the front gate security guard. It’s creepy seeing him like that. He was such a nice guy but now he’s not so friendly. He just looks pissed off all the time now. Pissed off and hungry. I damn sure hope they don’t get any smarter because if he remembers the security code I’m totally fucked. The only reason they haven’t got in yet is due to that front door being locked. I know it’s pretty risky staying here with only that front door keeping them out but until I can figure out where to go and what to do, it’s gonna have to work.

The last time I wrote in here I had talked about that fucked up news broadcast. It only got worse from there. After seeing that first factory worker bite the reporter, I was completely transfixed. I changed the channel to see if one of the other news stations was talking about it and sure enough, it was headline news. Surfing through several of the news channels and they were ALL talking about it.

I finally settled on another channel. This channel had more footage of the factory. It apppeared to be from another area in front, however. I could hear the reporter in the background describing in an excited voice the situation as she saw it. She claimed that about three dozen employees had suddenly become violent and combative. As she continued talking, the camera panned back and forth across the area, zooming in and out on puddles of blood scattered throughout. There appeared to be bodies lying about but they cut away too quick to really tell. She commented on an absurd result of the police forces attempts at control. She said that there were reports of the police claiming that their weapons appeared to be useless. Supposedly after firing on several hostile employees, the said employees refused to stay down. The police had been forced to fire on several of the employees and the employees had dropped to the ground, as they should. They had laid there for only a couple minutes and then they had slowly stood up again and began walking around, as they should NOT.

All of a sudden, her voice changed. It seemed that her monologue had been interrupted by the appearance of someone at her side. I could hear her mumbling something about interrupting the broadcast and then her screams and some grunting. From what it sounded like, she was fighting someone. The cameraman immediately turned and the camera was knocked from him. I watched as the camera fell to the ground and settled on three pairs of feet. After listening to more sounds of struggle, something fell in front of the camera. It appeared to be a leg. A human leg. With a high heel attached to it and nothing else.


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