The IT Guy – Chapter 07

Chapter 7

The crowd makes its way into the hallway and for what seems like an eternity, I stare at this crowd of people. There are bloody, gaping holes all throughout the crowd. I recognize several of the people looking at me. There’s the guy who lived on the first floor. It looks like he’d gone out to grab some breakfast. He’s got what looks like scrambled egg on the side of his face, stuck in his beard. I guess he was in the middle of eating when he got attacked. Standing directly to his right is the girl who had lived below me. I think she was on the second floor. I had never worked up the nerve to talk to her but she was unbelievably gorgeous. She was always dressed professionally so with my luck, she was probably a lawyer or something big-wig like that. Totally out of MY league. I realize that I’m not an ugly guy per se, but I’m not exactly Prince Charming either. I’ve had a few dates in my life and I’m proud to say that I’ve gotten my share of nookie. I don’t completely repulse women. With that being said, I still couldn’t work up the nerve to talk to that girl. Not like it matters now, but I wish I would have given it a shot. Maybe she would have been down-to-earth and real friendly. Or maybe she was a bitch, who knows? Guess I’ll never know but she’s definitely not attractive anymore. Her neck has been split wide open and I can see what I can only guess would be her spinal cord. It’s absolutely disgusting and any attraction I felt is completely gone, believe you me.

I turn to Antonio, who is still standing still, and yell at the top of my lungs. “MOVE YOUR WANNABE GANGBANGING ASS, ANTONIO!!! MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!!!!!”

My hollering finally gets him unstuck from his spot in the hallway. He turns and races for the backdoor with me on his heels, along with the ever-increasing throng of bloody bodies. The cacophony of moaning is just about enough to drive me crazy. I had been so shut off from the sound when I was four floors up and now I get to hear it full-force. It’s enough to make me want to curl up in a ball and cry. It’s a horrible sound. It’s even worse than listening to an uneducated user stumble through a description of their problem. As annoying as the users had become to me, I would give anything for things to be back to normal. I would really LOVE to listen to a user tell me about how they’d “downloaded” some software to a CD or dispute me when I tell them that they’d tried 12 times to logon with the incorrect password. What people don’t understand is the computer is a hell of a lot more reliable than us people are. Being in the IT field, I can tell when a user is lying to me. I go by the logical, by what the computer has told me. There is no bias when it comes to computers, they do exactly what they’re told with no reservations.

As much as I enjoy being in the IT field, I sure as hell wish I’d worked out more. Less donuts and more jogging would definitely have helped me out here but who the hell expected THIS shit to happen?

We make it to the back door, gasping for air. Antonio undoes the deadbolt and together we push the door open with enough force to make the walls vibrate. The sunlight is intense and for half a second, we’re completely blinded. After that, our eyes focus and we can see what’s in front of us. There is only a handful of cars out here in the lot and they are all empty. There is not a soul out here except for us. This almost peaceful solitude is broken by the moans that are bouncing around behind us. The crowd, although slow, is starting to fill up the hallway we just left and is spilling out into the parking lot. We dash forward towards the back corner of the lot, with the fence in mind. Antonio is younger and fitter than I am and reaches it first. As he gets close enough, he leaps through the air. He crashes into the fence and scrambles over in what appears to be almost one, single motion.

Me, I don’t fare quite so well. I leap as high as I possibly can but miss my mark. My fingers scrape the edge of the wall and I come crashing down, my momentum still carrying me forward enough to smack my face on the wall. I let out a yelp of pain and see that I skinned the tips of my fingers when I ran them down the wall.

It hurts like hell but I scrape myself off the wall and desperately look around to see my next option. I’ve only got a matter of seconds before the leaders of the crowd make it to where I stand. I see a truck parked a little ways down to the left. It’s about halfway across the lot. Our original plan was to jump over in the back corner of the lot but MY unfit ass has changed the plans. If I can make it over the truck, then I can meet up with Antonio and we’ll make our way to the ammunition store. The good news? The truck is parked RIGHT NEXT to the fence. More good news? It’s one of those “bubba trucks” that’s been so tricked out that it’s higher off the ground and this height will allow me to scramble through the truck and make my way over the fence. The bad news? Several of those fuckers are in between me and the truck. More bad news? They just looked at me.


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