The IT Guy – Chapter 08

Chapter 8

I’m breathing heavily again. Not like prank-caller-heavy but holy-shit-I-wish-I-had-jogged-more-often-heavy. There are about three of those dead bastards standing in between the truck and me. That truck is my ticket out of here. I snap my head towards the door. Yeah, I already knew I was fucked if I didn’t get out of here but the quick glimpse I get of the door just reinforces it. There is a steady flow of people out of that door and by this time, they’ve ALL seen me or at least heard my loud smack into wall. The moaning and grunting has intensified and I’m getting very fucking nervous now. Snap out of it, man! Damn my paralysis. Gotta move, gotta go, gotta get out of here. No time to think.

I race towards the truck with my bat above my head. I’m so out of breath that I’m scared of just dropping dead right there. My desire to not die is stronger than my desire to quit, however, so I make that extra effort. I make it to the first guy and brain him with the bat. HARD. I don’t think I’ve ever swung a bat with that much force in my entire life. Sammy Sosa’s got nothin’ on me, baby. I’m in the zone and I’m bound and determined to make it to that truck and over it. I leap over his body and come face-to-face with the next one. It’s a big guy who appears to have been a bodybuilder. He’s wearing a loose-fitting wifebeater, gym shorts, and weight gloves. In order to hit him in the head, I’ll need to swing UP. Hmmm. Not good. Logistically speaking, I won’t be able to swing with quite as much force with this one. He’s THAT tall. He grabs my shirt and I kick at him. I kick him with enough force to knock myself over and land flat on my ass. Although it’s only him and one other body in the immediate vicinity, I don’t get too excited because I can see and hear the crowd getting closer to where I’m at. He reaches down and grabs my hair, lifting me off the ground. I lose the grip on my bat and it rolls a few feet away as I stare in horror. I’m flailing around and punching out again, all the while grimacing because he’s holding me by the head. Finally one of my erratic punches lands on his face and he stumbles back for a moment, dropping me. I scramble towards the bat and he grabs at me again. I’m on the ground and moving quickly towards the bat when he hollers and steps towards me again. I lash out with my foot, kicking him in the knee. He drops to the ground. I pick up the bat and, without thinking at all, swing it in a huge arc, landing in the side of his head. He collapses on the pavement in a heap and I jump to my feet, gripping the bat with both hands.

My adrenaline is pumping so fast and hard I almost feel like I could take on this entire crowd of folks. Am I going to though? HELL NO. I just want to get over the fence and meet up with Antonio again. I’ve got one last person to blast through. Damn, it’s a kid. I’m staring at this kid as he comes shambling my way. This is the only person in between the truck and me. Damnit, I can’t kill a kid. Shit, what am I talking about? He’s already dead. What the hell am I trying to justify? Once this shit started happening, all those affected are not who they used to be. Why should I show any mercy to this kid? I’m damn sure that he wouldn’t show any to me. The conversation runs through my head in a million ways but I just can’t do it. I can’t kill a kid, even if he’s ALREADY dead. I race forward and duck to the side of him, feeling his hand slap my side.

I try the flying leap again and this time I make it work for me. I jump onto the side runners of the truck and vault into the truck bed from there. I’m only a couple of feet from the wall now and it’s looking good. I stand up in the truck bed and I can see over the fence. Oh shit. I know I should have been expecting it to be like this but there’s another crowd that I’ll have to deal with. There’s several dozen of those things staggering around but it looks like it’s nowhere near the same size as the crowd that is getting closer and closer to the truck I’m standing in. Climbing up over the truck bed, I put my feet on the ledge and teeter back and forth. I look around for Antonio but can’t find him. I can see where he would have landed after his jump but he’s nowhere near there. That fucker ditched me. I hope I see his ass again ‘cause I’m going to kick it hard. Fucking dickhead.

Just as soon as I get my feet onto the ledge, the truck starts rocking back and forth with the pressure of the crowd beside it. I prepare myself for the jump and then just step off the ledge of the fence. I land on both feet and immediately have to get moving because of the crowd. I race down in the direction of where Antonio was and towards the alley. I reach the alley and sprint as fast as I can to the end. If my memory serves me right, I’ll end up right outside the ammunition store.

I see Antonio at the end of the alley now. He didn’t ditch me, I guess. He must have been trying to hide from the crowd. I guess I don’t blame him for doing that. He may have been unsure if I’d made it out or not. He’s facing the dumpster and I race up behind him. He turns slowly and I see that his bite finally got the better of him. He stares at me with those hollow eyes and starts to raise his arms to reach at me. I come to a screeching halt on my heels and turn around to find the crowd I’d seen is meandering my way. I can’t really head that direction without a fight. If I head this way, I’ll only have to deal with Antonio. He has dropped his tire iron to the ground but the 9MM that he so graciously grabbed before me earlier is still jabbed in his pants waistline. As far back as I was when I stopped, I’ve got plenty of time to formulate how I’m going to dispose of him. I think for a second and decide that my trusty bat will work alright. I mean, so much for formulating a plan right? If all you have on you is your fists and a baseball bat and you’re fighting an enemy in hand-to-hand combat, wouldn’t you want to keep as far away as possible? Yeah, I’ll go with the bat. I swing the aluminum and with a loud crack I hear Antonio’s cheek meet the end. He crumbles just like the previous creeps and I whip the gun out of his pants and turn around to see the crowd getting closer. I continue on down the alley, hoping to make my way to the ammunition store.

All I want to do is to sit down. I’m absolutely fucking exhausted. Five minutes of sitting down is all I ask for. Somebody else HAS to be out there that hasn’t been affected by this. I just want to find at least one more person so we can take shifts alternating between sleeping and guarding. I’m so tired and out of breath.

There are very few of those things on this street so I consider myself lucky. I exit out of the alley exactly where I thought I would. The ammunition store is to my left so I dart that way and find the door unlocked. I turn the knob slowly and step into the store. My hopes for bullets are completely dashed when I see that all the magazines and weapons have been put away. There is nothing here. All I’ve done is walked into a room and shut the door behind me. It looks like I’m fucked now because although I was careful when coming in here, I know that the couple people outside saw me before I got inside and they’ll probably be here in just a few minutes, not to mention the crowd only a few blocks away.

That’s when I hear the familiar kuh-chunk of a shotgun and a voice says “Are you one of those things? I know that if you are you won’t answer me but if so, I’m more than willing to send your brains all over the wall there.”


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