The IT Guy – Chapter 10

As we sat there and listened to these narratives, Steve and I both found it difficult to relax. I mean, obviously the stories were enough to rattle us, but all the sounds below us really were taking their toll. I don’t know about Steve, but I was at the point of exhaustion. After all I’d seen and done, I just wanted to lie down on the ground, curl up in a ball, and fall asleep as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I knew that the nights of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep were no more. I would never again sleep safe and sound.

The walls of the bank didn’t do much to shield the constant moaning outside. I noticed that a couple of the girls were in the corner of the room talking and the remaining girl, Barbara, was in the opposite corner humming aloud. As annoying as I’d always found humming to be, I really didn’t mind listening to Barbara’s hums. It allowed me to almost ignore the moaning outside.

I could tell that Steve was uncomfortable and I was too, so I leaned over to Peter and asked what the next course of action was for all of them. Peter shrugged his shoulders and said that they were going to hold out as long as possible in the bank here. Steve burst into the conversation with a loud cough and proceeded to berate Peter on subjects such as food, hygiene, and the possibility of a breach in the banks entryways.

Peter seemed a little hurt by Steve’s anger and he admitted that things were far from perfect, but they’d lasted this long and they would welcome any advice from us on any viable ideas.

Steve said that if a small group like ours was still alive, then there HAD to be other survivors out there. Trying to contact them and meet up would be difficult, to say the least, but was necessary for long-term plans. I agreed with him and said that the time we spent sitting here should be spent solely on formulating an exit strategy.

Steve nursed his arm, throbbing even after the girls had helped him wrap it up with some gauze. Sarah, on her way out of the school had the foresight to grab one of the first-aid kits along the wall. It was the only thing she’d had the chance to grab and although the gauze was minimal, it was enough to help Steve out.

Sarah hadn’t really said much to us when we got there. Bandaging up Steve’s arm was a big help, but it was obvious that she was not one for small talk, big talk, any kind of talk for that matter. Peter told us that she had been adamant about finding her family in the beginning of the whole ordeal and was reluctantly drug along to the bank with Steven,  Roger, and Helen. Once they’d established their relative safety, Sarah had the opportunity to see outside and observe the things outside. Unfortunately for her, she saw her father stumble past the building. She began to cry out but had been stifled quickly and, since then, hadn’t said much of anything to the rest of the group. Peter said that he thought it was shock but had no idea how to help. Well, seeing as I was (perhaps again someday) an IT Guy and Steve was a gunshop owner, we’re definitely not ones to be doling out advice on the human psyche. We just shrugged and mumbled ‘I dunno’.

I felt the need to get up and walk around a bit so I headed down the hall and came upon Roger keeping an eye on the video monitors. Roger, as it turned out, was one of the biggest Audio/Video geeks in his class. I guess that definitely paid off in this round. There was a grand total of two dozen cameras, and they all seemed to be in good working order. As I sat down again (so much for WALKING around), I couldn’t bring my eyes to leave the monitors pointing at the front door. The crowd was gathering outside, but it didn’t look like they were aware of our presence. That was definitely a good thing, I muttered to Roger. He said that he’d been watching for quite some time now and he was fascinated by their ability to just wander around, no rhyme or reason to their meanderings. All of a sudden, as we watched the front door monitor, their heads all jerked to the left and they began to move with purpose. What the hell was going
on? I told Roger to stay and keep watching. I check the clip once again (I’ve always been a paranoid bastard, and it’s definitely NOT gotten any better with this dead-corpses-walking-around bullshit) and make sure I’m ready to go, then I head back to the room that all the kids are in. They look at me, I look at them, and then we all look out the window to see a young boy racing down the street. He’s running towards the bank, full tilt, and has QUITE the crowd coming after him. Combined with the already-gathered crowd in front of the bank, I’d say he’s pretty much screwed.


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