The IT Guy – Chapter 12

I race towards the door, hoping desperately that it hadn’t latched but to my dismay it HAS latched shut and has locked itself. I bang on the door and holler but I don’t think anybody can hear me

I only have about a minute to figure out what I’m going to do because the first few of those bastards have already come around the corner. The first two appear to have some injuries to the extremities, so they’re not exactly moving too quickly but that doesn’t buy me too much time. I stare at them in horror for just a second and then quickly survey where I am at. It really pisses me off to think that Steve and I were just out here awhile ago and here I am again, stuck outside the safest place we’ve found so far. That poor kid probably doesn’t even realize that he’s fucked me by bumping that rock out of the doorway. I guess I can’t be that mad at him, but I sure as hell hope that somebody realizes what he’s done and I hope they realize it REAL FUCKING SOON before I become a buffet meal for those stinky fuckers.

The building next to the bank is a jewelry shop, according to the placard on the rear entry door. It says “Smith’s Fine Jewelry” in fine calligraphy. I try the door but it is locked. I pound on the door with all my might but, as I figured, there’s no answer and it’s not budging. This is the only other door in this back alley. Shit, what else is there back here. Nothing. Nothing other than the dumpster at the end of the alley, and to get to that I’ll have to make it past half a dozen of them. Shit, shit, shit. Think, motherfucker, THINK. You’ve made it this far, you can make it even further. It’s all a matter of avoiding them. If I can be a weasely enough bastard, then I’ll be fine. Just have to make it PAST them, this is not the time to make a stand. Not by myself, not with my single rifle with only a couple dozen bullets. Not yet.

I see that the alley leads to the street and the street appears to be a bit hilly. I’d never noticed this before, although it makes perfect sense. The run over to the bank here was pretty rough, now it makes perfect sense. Steve and I were running UP A DAMN HILL. I’m trying to think of if it would be possible to get that dumpster moving fast enough to go down the hill because it appears that the people I’ve joined up with aren’t going to discover what’s happened in time. I’ve gotta take matters into my own hands now.

No more time to formulate a plot. I race forward, towards the dumpster. I dodge two of them, but then come face-to-face with a teenager, or what used to be a teenage girl. She’s in a cheerleading outfit and there’s dried blood all over it. I can’t even make out what the school name is on the suit, due to all the blood. She actually was bitten on the arm so her face is intact. She looks like she might have been a cute girl but not anymore. The way her face sags on the bones makes it obvious that she’s a long way from the cute cheerleader. She grabs my shoulder with more force than I would have expected and I bring the rifle butt up quickly in an uppercut motion. She drops on the ground and writhes around for a split second before she’s back on her feet but I don’t care. I’m running like a fool, eyes on the dumpster straight ahead of me. My peripheral vision catches quick blurs of people standing to my sides but I pay no attention.

I make it to the dumpster, and luckily enough, it appears that pickup day was recent. There is hardly any trash in this dumpster. I push with all my might and the dumpster begins to move. I run next to it, grab ahold and vault my ass into it. Slowly the dumpster begins to move and then I hear my name being called.

ERRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCC!!!!! I turn my head just long enough to see Steve, with the door open. He shoots two of the zombies, in the head like we discovered, and then turns to face another one. I can see that he’s got his hands full and during the scuffle, the cheerleader has come around the side, out of his field of vision. I yell to warn him of the cheerleader but it’s too late. She grabs hold of his leg and bites hard. I see the look on his face as he yells in pain. I try to jump from the moving dumpster but it’s now moving too fast down the hill. The last thing I see is the door swinging back and forth, as the crowd makes its way into that stairwell.


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