The IT Guy – Chapter 13

As the dumpster picks up speed, I raise my head up and look at my surroundings. I’m amazed that I’m still moving in a straight line, honestly. I didn’t think I could possibly make it this far, but I’m pleasantly surprised. I cringe as a straggler wanders out in front of my speeding metal box and brace myself for impact.

The dumpster hits him with so much force that his decomposed arm flies through the air and lands next to my foot. I reach for it and attempt to toss it back out of the dumpster. As I’m trying to throw it out, this arm keeps wiggling around and refuses to let go. I peel off each individual finger and then quickly relocate my grip to right at the point of where it was separated and throw it as hard and as far as I can.

I’m not quite sure exactly how fast I’m traveling, but the hill has definitely done what I was hoping for. I’m going fast enough that none of those bastards even know what’s going on. I can see all of them turning slowly as I approach them, and then moaning in what sounds like frustration, arms outstretched, as I fly by.

It hits me that I’m not exactly sure how far I hope to travel in this rolling dumpster. At the time, it was a great idea in getting away quickly but now I’m at the whim of the rusted wheels of a large metal object that smells of diapers and spoiled food, and is rushing down a hilly street. Aw shit, maybe I should’ve come up with a better idea? How the hell can I stop this thing? I hate to say it, but I think this road trip is going to end badly. I may end up colliding with something that will completely alter my course, or stop me dead in my tracks.

I feel a twinge of guilt for not helping Steve out but then realize that if I would have stayed and tried to help, I would just be another walking corpse. I can’t think about what has happened to Steve and the kids, I just can’t. I really appreciate what Steve tried to do for me, but it was his good heart that ended up becoming his downfall. I hate to be a cynical prick, but with all that’s happened, I can’t think that any good will come from ANY of this. I mean, seriously, this is it. If this isn’t the end of the world, then I’d hate to see what comes next. The shit I’m seeing, these people who are supposed to be dead, can’t truly be happening. But it is. It IS happening and there’s nobody able to stop it at this point. How many of us are left? How many people are still alive? I mean REALLY alive, not that debauchery of life that’s out there now. I’ve gotta quit thinking of this kind of shit man. I’m going to go apeshit crazy if I keep it up.

I stare down the street and see that I’m about to reach that abrupt halt I feared. Directly in my path is an SUV sitting, door ajar, in the middle of the road. Should I jump? Fuck no, I can’t jump out now. This thing is moving WAY too fast for that. I start rocking back and forth, trying to deter this path I’m on. No luck though; this dumpster is too big to be swayed by my less than two hundred pound frame.

I brace myself for impact, and then I collide with the SUV. Sparks fly both in front of me, and in my head. Then it all goes dark.


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