The IT Guy – Chapter 16

Early the next morning, in silence we get suited up for a supply run. Katarina refuses to even look at me, and it seems that all Sal wants to do is stare me down. What a prick.

The silence is broken when Katarina says “is the sun up yet?” To which Sal informs her that it is NOT up yet. I guess they’ve learned by trial and error what works and what doesn’t work, when it comes to pillaging area grocery stores and quick stops. If they go too early in the morning, the darkness hides too many hazards. There’s no telling who or what will jump out at them, and its hard to see what supplies are being grabbed in the dark. The power at all the stores has been out for a few days now and the further you get into the store, away from the windows, the darker it gets.

The opposite end of the pillaging spectrum holds no more optimism though. If its too bright outside, the opportunity for stealth is diminished. It seems that even though those things are clinically dead, they retain some functions (well, besides the obvious fact that they are CORPSES walking around), which would include vision capabilities. They’ve gone out in the middle of the day before, but as a general rule, it seems to be riskier.

Sal informs us of our main objective today. When he mentions which store we are going to hit, Katarina gasps along with me. The store he’s talking about is just over one mile away. Sal appears to understand why we’re nervous, but he barks that we’ll just have to make it work, no matter what the distance.

Katarina pleads with him to stick closer to where we are. There’s plenty of cans that we may have just not seen yet, she announces to us. I mention that if Katarina is right, and there IS enough cans left in the store nearest to us, we don’t necessarily need to risk our necks for a different flavor of food. Our options are limited, and it’s better to face that fact right now; we must make do with what we have.

I can tell that Sal is not happy about being challenged by both Katarina AND me. He mutters that he’s tired of the same food and wants some different food. He then takes it a step further and informs Katarina that her food sucks.


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