The IT Guy – Chapter 18

Sal drops the gun to his side and stares down the aisle to the front door. Shakily, I stand up and turn to see a dozen corpses shambling in the front door and coming straight for the three of us. They must have heard the commotion and came to check it out.

Quickly I point to the shelves in the back and the fact that their height will be enough to get us out of their grasp. I know that we stand a chance of being stuck there for awhile but its the only way to go right now. They’ve blocked the front door and if we don’t get moving in the next couple seconds, we won’t get another chance.

Without waiting any longer, I scramble to my feet and bolt for the shelving. Katarina runs so close behind me that I can hear her gasping for breath.

I begin to jump through the air before I’ve even reached the shelving, and the force with which I hit it shakes the very foundation. As soon as I make contact though, I start climbing. I end up making it up two shelves before I pause and turn my head. Katarina is close enough behind me that she ends up smacking her head into my leg during my brief respite.

Sal is standing in the same spot, gun hanging at his side, staring down the dozen walking corpses. Katarina and I both start hollering at him, trying to shake him out of his daze, but it has no effect on him. He continues to stand and stare.

As the crowd reaches him, he finally awakens from his daze, and turns to run at the shelves that Katarina and I are on. He comes racing towards the shelving, and leaps thru the air like I did. His leap comes up short, and he lands awkwardly on his ankle, causing a loud crack. The grimace of pain on his face is obvious, but even as he falls to the ground and the crowd closes in on all three of us, he glares at me with those hate-filled eyes and he makes it virtually impossible to feel any sort of pity for him.

Katarina whimpers and then breaks into a scream. I watch as Sal fires his gun at the first couple attackers, dropping them immediately. He attempts to scramble to his feet awkwardly and leap toward the shelving. He begins to pull himself up, and it looks like he might make it, but then his ankle is grabbed with enough force to knock him back to the ground. I stare in horror as Sal’s Achilles tendon is severed by the teeth of one of the attacking corpses. He raises his gun in the direction of the group, and fires a headshot, hitting the first one who has his flesh in their mouth. The head disintegrates along with the freshly chewed bits of his ankle.

Katarina moves toward the edge of the shelves as if she’s going over to help Sal, but I grab her and tell her that it’s too late for him. She evidently realizes this, looks at me, and then nods slowly as if to confirm my statement. To make matters worse, Sal aims his gun at Katarina and I, squeezing off a shot, narrowly missing us but opening up a hole in the large bag of dog food I’m sitting on. The force with which the bag empties throws me off balance, and I nearly tumble head first onto the grocery floor before grabbing ahold of the shelf columns.

Sal continues to glare at me amidst his tirade of swearing before it turns into hollers of pain, and then eventually screams of agony. Within less than five minutes, the only sound left is the teeth ripping Sal’s meat from his skeleton.

Katarina and I look down at the crowd of bloody, soulless faces and I try to figure out our next move from here.


5 thoughts on “The IT Guy – Chapter 18”

    1. I stopped writing it back in 2006’ish and haven’t revisited it yet. It irks ME too and I know I need to wrap it up. I’m working on a few other things and then I’ll probably devote some time to actually finish it up.

      1. I know the feeling. I have a book I wrote a year and a half ago, still haven’t edited it and it’s the one everyone wants to read. People ask me daily how it’s going, but I’ve so many irons in the fire I just kept putting that one off. Now it’s my one and only New Year’s resolution. I WILL edit the damn thing. So I’ll be patient for the end to your story. 🙂 I know how it is to be led down different paths.

  1. I dig this! “I stare in horror as Sal’s Achilles tendon is severed by the teeth of one of the attacking corpses” – I felt this, and had an instinctive twitch in my foot as I read it, creepy!

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