Born To Run – Christopher McDougall

If I could use one word to sum up how I felt about this book, it would be “wow”. 

One word, however wouldn’t be sufficient to describe how well written and entertaining McDougall’s story is. Filled with unique characters and the ability to keep the ideas in the book running through your head for days, this book can very easily invigorate your long runs and even make you WANT to run if you never have previously.

I could easily relate to McDougall’s nagging injuries seeing as I’ve joined the ranks of the injury-laden runners myself. Reading how he left his injuries behind and got to the point of running a 50 mile trail/mountain race in Mexico resonated deeply for me and is extremely inspiring.

For a nonfiction book, I couldn’t help but feel I was reading a novel, and a highly engaging novel at that. I would recommend this book to any sort of runner out there.

Whether you run on a regular basis or just chase your kids around the house, you are bound to get a kick out of this book.

Much thanks to my Dad and Stepmom for this excellent Christmas present.


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