The goals…3/21-4/25

Starting on the 21st, I’m attempting a whole month of good paleo/primal living again.

The last time I actually did a full month with NO cheats was September of last year, during Mark Sisson’s Primal Challenge (Mark’s Daily Apple). That month was awesome, it really was. Thirty days of eating as pure as I did, with The Wif, was a great learning experience as to what my body likes and doesn’t like.

Alas, since September ended I haven’t been behaving myself. Overall, I’ve still been not THAT bad, but I can definitely do better.

The goals (mostly borrowed from Anna over at The Antihousewife) are as follows;

1) No grains. I’ve gotten a bit lax on this one. Let’s hit the reset button.

2) NO sugar. This will probably be my toughest challenge for the month. My black coffee sweetened with honey will have to wait until April 26th.

3) Minimal dairy. Not too worried about this bc the only dairy I take in is some good quality cheese anyway. Won’t have to adjust much for this one.

4) Exercise. I’ve really enjoyed the primal community’s take on exercise; little bit here, little bit there. With the Warrior Dash coming up at the end of April, though, there will need to be some sort of training regimen (sorry, still retaining some of that CW). I’m going to make some use of the kettlebell I got for my birthday back in January and join The Wif in her couch-to-5k program.

5) Intermittent Fasting for at least one day a week. Experimenting with IFing has been pretty cool and has made me realize that hunger has a lot more mental baggage than you might think. Just because you’re hungry doesn’t necessarily mean you MUST eat. It’s unfortunate that more people don’t realize that, holding onto their spoon-fed conventional wisdom of constant eating.

If what you’re doing, isn’t working for you, HACK IT. Find a new method, a new food, a new lifestyle. Stop your passive complaining and be proactive in your life.


3 thoughts on “The goals…3/21-4/25”

  1. I have a Warriordash in mid May. I also have been tightening my eating, it’s tough with wife being with child. She is eating all over the map and I have to tag along.

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