Day 2…

Went well today other than the bowl of chocolate goodies in the office taunting me every time I walked past it.

Couple cups of coffee, with coconut milk (unsweetened of course) to kick off the day and then no lunch until about 1:30 this afternoon when I hit up In n Out for a Double-Double with no sauce. It’s not perfect, but it was about the best I could do on the run.

Tomorrow, I’ll be in court all day long so it’ll be another meal out to eat again. Gotta make the good choice, but it CAN be done.

As far as the goals go, let’s check in so far…

1) No grains –  Not a problem at all.

2) NO sugar – I am modifying this to be no added sugars and/or no artificial sweeteners. I’m thinking that a couple strawberries/blueberries shouldn’t derail me, sugar-wise, but if you’re reading this and suffer from “dogma-disease”, let me know what you think. Leaving the honey out of my morning coffee hasn’t been anywhere near as difficult as I was thinking. As a matter of fact, the coffee seems to actually be a bit bolder with taste, if that makes any sense.

3) Minimal dairy – Had the 2 slices of cheese on the Double-Double and then a slice of Boar’s Head jalapeno havarti cheese with dinner. A bit more than I had planned but still not too big of a deal.

4) Exercise – Took my 6yo out for a mile run. Granted, it was a SLOW run at around a 12 and a half minute pace, but it was fun heading out with him.


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