Day Zero…

My morning alarm? Set for 4:05am (3:59 seems too early). When did I actually wake up? 3:35am. EPIC FAIL. That kicked off my Monday back from a week off and it most definitely felt like a Monday. Workwise, it was brutal.

On the nutritional front, however, it went surprisingly well. After demolishing my tummy over the last week in Florida, I kicked off my first day of this paleo attempt with an intermittent fast. That’s right folks, only 16oz of black coffee for me since 7 pm last night. Funniest part of the day was my buddy/coworker eating his lunch of ribs, moaning in ecstasy at the taste. He knew today was my weekly IF day and he refers to it as a “I-ate-like-crap-yesterday-so-today-I’m-not-eating-at-all” day. Why did I find that funny? Because I felt like King Kong, being able to look and smell his food and think of how delicious my dinner would be without caving in to the urge to stuff my face.

After my kid’s karate practice, we are grabbing Chipotle (2sides steak, 1side guac) and I’m going to work out some aggressions with that kettlebell that waits in my garage.

Unsure what tomorrows breakfast/lunch may bring because we haven’t made it to the grocery store yet and our fridge is BARE. Not even joking, it looks like a college student fridge. Cheese slices, Guinness, Mustard, and bottled water.

Here’s to maintaining this month’s goals tomorrow.


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