Double Double…with fries?

Yeah you read that right.  Lunch today was at In-n-Out again because we were on the go all day basically.  I had a Double-Double with no sauce and an order of fries.  Honestly, I didn’t NEED the fries but I was absolutely famished after spending the morning in court so I just went ahead with the meal instead of the burger only.  I had a nice big cup of unsweetened ice tea for the first time in YEARS and dropped about 4 lemon slices in there.  Not a terrible lunch and the only thing I felt semi-guilty about was the fries.  If you’ve ever had In-n-Out fries though, they SCREAM guilt just by virtue of their delicious awesomeness alone.

Oh, I also tried to make it through the morning on the power of decaffeinated coffee alone.  Considering I have to get up at 4am to be an hour and a half away at 6am, coffee is somewhat of a necessary evil to me.  That being said, I wanted to see if I could cut down on it a bit so this morning I fired up the Keurig with two little cups of the Newman’s Own Special Decaf.  The coffee taste with a little bit of coconut milk in it? DELICIOUS.  The only bad thing was I started nodding off on my drive with only 10 miles left to the office.  After making it through 90% of my morning commute, I got drowsy.  Let’s just say I’m going to be doing more experimenting with the caffeine levels.

Got home from work and hacked my workout.  Forgot to mention that on Monday I did a little fast and flirtatious workout (The Wif thought that terminology was hilarious).  Monday’s workout consisted of 3 sets of the following exercises;

1) Pullups

2) Pushups (on my gymnast rings that I’ve got hanging from the garage)

3) Dips on those same rings

4) Turkish Get Ups (with only a 10lb medicine ball instead of the kettlebell for these first few workouts. Until I get my form perfect, I’d prefer to NOT have a 35lb crater in the front of my face)

5) Kettlebell snatch/shoulder presses (with my 35lb kb)

6) Kettlebell swings (double arm swings til I can get that form perfect, then may try single arm swings)

7) Burpees (yeah, I saved ’em til the end so I could finish strong, and then cry later)

I should probably mention that I was using “Jefit” to log/formulate my workout (an AWESOME Android app, by the way) and the default rest period between sets is 60 seconds.  I kept the default for Monday and the workout wasn’t too terrible.  Then I changed it a bit for today.  Shortening the rest period between ALL sets from 60 seconds to 30 seconds made an unbelievable difference in the difficulty.  I did more reps of all the above exercises with only 30 seconds rest between sets (3 sets of all again) and I was dying at the end of the workout.

Dying in that “holy-cow-I-probably-won’t-be-able-to-lift-my-arms-above-my-head” way.  I feel good though.  To borrow a cool quote from Dr George Sheehan; “Sweat cleanses from the inside. It comes from places a shower will never reach.

JeFit on the Android Market or check the QR Code;


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